• Regulations

    Article 1
    All matches will be played according to the KNVB's serial match regulations and will be led by RKVV-Volharding referees.
    Article 2
    Each club is obliged to provide its own linesman (U13,U14 and U15 category).
    Article 3
    Participation is open to members in :
    - U15: year of birth 2008-2009
    - U14: year of birth 2009-2010
    - U13: year of birth 2010-2011
    - U12: year of birth 2011-2012
    - U11: year of birth 2012-2013
    Dispensation also applies to players who received dispensation last season on presentation of a valid dispensation certificate. Teams must make this known to the tournament committee when registering on the day of the tournament.
    Article 4
    Match duration is 12 minutes. Matches will be arranged, started and stopped centrally.
    Article 5
    Protests cannot be allowed. The referee's decision is binding. Should the coaches still disagree with the referee, they can report to the match secretariat after the match and the secretariat will set up an independent committee that will come to a binding final result.
    Article 6
    In the U15, U14 and U13 categories, a maximum of 5 players may be replaced per match. In the U12 and U11 category, unlimited substitutions are allowed.
    Article 7
    In case of no-show or if 5 minutes after the starting time indicated in the Tournify app has passed, a team not ready to play has lost 3-0 according to the rules.
    Article 8
    Each team participating in the tournament must report to the tournament management at the tournament secretariat no later than one hour before the start of its category.
    Article 9
    RKVV-Volharding and the tournament management take no responsibility for theft, damage, etc. to property of players and/or supervisors. Caused damage to property of RKVV-Volharing or to the sports park Soetendaal will be recovered from the association concerned. Please therefore take valuables with you to the playing field.
    Article 10
    Each participating team should preferably take care of spare shirts themselves; there are also enough vests for each playing field. Please report the colours to the match secretariat in advance. In case of the same colours, the team mentioned first in the match schedule will play in the reserve shirts or wear vests.
    Article 11
    If a player is sent off the field by means of a red card, he is excluded from further participation. If a player receives a yellow card, this player will receive a penalty time of 5 minutes. If a player receives a yellow card for the second time, he is excluded from participation in the next match.
    If a player receives his 2nd yellow card in the last match of the 1st round, he is also excluded from taking penalty kicks for possible placement in the 2nd round. In case of decision via penalty kicks in the 2nd round and beyond, penalty kicks may be taken in case of receiving a yellow card. The 5-minute penalty time rule will be used in all matches.
    Article 12
    The first named team on the match ticket / Tournify app kicks off. The second named team may choose side. The referee shall ensure that this is done correctly.
    Article 13
    If it is later found that players not entitled to play have played in certain teams, any prizes won must be returned. If this is established during the tournament, all matches will be converted to a 3-0 defeat.
    Article 14
    In the event of a tie in the pool, goal difference will decide. If the goal difference is equal, the number of goals scored will decide. If that is also equal, the mutual result counts. If that is also equal, three penalty kicks must be taken alternately by three different players. If the score is still tied, then another player takes turns, until the decision is made. In the decision games on day 2, if the score is equal, penalty kicks are taken immediately by 3 different players in turn. If the score is still the same, other players will take turns until the decision is made.
    Article 15
    The tournament schedule for the U11, U12 and U13 pupils and the U14 and U15 juniors is spread over 2 days. A new programme will be drawn up for all teams on tournament day 2, based on the results of tournament day 1.
    Article 16
    In all cases not covered by these regulations, the tournament management of RKVV-Volharding will decide.
    Article 17
    The campsite rules are inextricably linked to these regulations.