• Organization

    Also in 2024 Volharding is organising  The Volharding International Football Tournament! (1 & 2 June 2024)

    For many years, Volharding has organised an E & F tournament, later Jo9 & Jo12 youth football tournament under the permanent name 'Jo Hendriks Toernooi'. From 2023, this tournament will be set up differently. The idea was to organise an International tournament and thus the Volharding International Football Tournament was born!

    We kick off 1 June 2024 with a large number of entries from home and abroad. A fantastic tournament has been organised, Complete with camping, party night with Dj, ball magician, possibility for barbecue and the opportunity to use an extensive catering service. All this besides, of course, the activities on the fields.

    The organisation:
    The people who make this tournament possible are:
    - General Affairs (Roel Gerrits and Antwan Bouten)
    - Match officials (Sander Gooren and Ramon Verstappen)
    - Treasurer (Patrick van Kempen)
    - Facility management (Roel Gerrits and Antwan Bouten)
    - Referee Coordinator (Denny van Veghel)
    - Sponsorship (Wiel Franssen)
    - Communication and Technical Affairs (Rene Derkx and Antoine Keizers)
    - Party evening (Ronella Scheaffers and Rene Derkx in cooperation with the B&O committee)
    - Lottery (Denny van Veghel)

    And of course the many volunteers who are there during the Volharding International Football Tournament. More than 50 volunteers are active in front of and behind the scenes. Without these people, it would certainly not be possible to organise this wonderful tournament for you.

    With sporting greetings,
    The organisation.