• Camping rules


    - During the tournament there is the possibility to spend the night at our campsite.
    - Volharding provides tents where you and your team can spend the night.
    - You can only stay overnight on the campsite with a reservation.
    - Wild camping is not allowed.
    - On the campsite, toilets and showers are available in our accommodation.
    - Night surveillance is available during the night.
    - Catering is available during the day. During the night, catering is closed.

    - An evacuation plan has been drawn up for the campsite. This is available in the Volharding canteen.
    - The camping site is accessible to the emergency services from three different access roads.
    - During the entire event, the emergency coordinator, Antwan Bouten, will be present and can be reached (for emergencies) under + 31 6-13112201
    - The evacuation coordinator is Antwan Bouten
    - First-aiders will be present on the grounds throughout the tournament.
    - In case of evacuation, guests will gather on Volharding's pitch 1 (the main pitch).
    - On Friday and Saturday evening, security guards will be present from 23:00 to 07:00.

    General (emergency) numbers

    Fire brigade/police/ambulance 112
    General practitioners' post 0900-8880
    Boxmeer hospital + 31 485 - 84 50 00
    GP Vierlingsbeek + 31 478 - 63 13 15

    Camping rules

    Household waste must be deposited in tied-up rubbish bags in the waste containers
    -All forms of open fire are prohibited.
    -Barbecue is possible in the designated BBQ Area, i.e. not on the campsite.
    -Every camper has the obligation to keep their pitch and the immediate surroundings CLEAN.
    -Music is only allowed softly. Large installations are prohibited.
    -Possession of drugs, including soft drugs, is prohibited. Offenders will be immediately removed from the campsite.
    Under-18s are NOT allowed to consume alcohol on the campsite.
    -Between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., quiet hours apply. At that time, no music or other forms of noise may be made.

    The following items are not allowed on the campsite:

    - Cars, bicycles, trailers, caravans, campers or other vehicles.
    - Sound systems, generators and generators.
    - Glass and or other sharp objects.
    - BBQs, cookers, tap installations and gas bottles. (Small disposable BBQs and small 1 burner gas bottles are allowed in the BBQ zone)
    - Sofas (or other large objects).
    - Drug narcotics.
    - Confetti and party ploppers.
    - Laser pens.
    - Clothing with nationalistic signs or offensive texts.
    - Any form of open fire including bonfires, BBQs, torches, fireworks etc.
    - Stadium horn
    - Drones
    - Stickers, flyers, posters, banners
    - V-shaped herring thicker than 3 mm and longer than 30 cm are prohibited.
    - Round herring thicker than 7 mm and longer than 25 cm are prohibited.

    Otherwise, all written and unwritten rules apply.